// Intro.

HEJ, I am Marlene.

Hej, I am Marlene

Born in the 80s, a few weeks too early, and if this wasn’t bad enough – also with red hair. Eventually I turned blonde (#phew!) and my brother’s life into a living hell.

I liked climbing on trees (and still do today), hanging out with the boys, watching soccer, and playing the drums. Doing girl stuff and wearing pretty pink dresses was not my thing. In the course of living in Australia I discovered my interest for nutrition, food, and cooking (and for wearing dresses. Not pink ones though.) which pretty much took over my life by now.

I love checking Instagram for new recipes, start planning my family’s Christmas dinner five months in advance, and roaming around Copenhagen in the search of the best ice cream parlor.

Preferably, I like to combine my passion for food with travelling. So instead of visiting yet another sight, you will rather find me at some hidden restaurant, stuffing my face with local delicacies. I have been to 60 countries and are always dreaming about my next trip.

I try to eat healthy, but I have a sweet tooth and normally can’t say no to dessert. I love trying new things, no matter if paleo, raw, or vegan food, however, I could never settle for just one of them. 

I am also developing a serious addiction for plates, bowls, and cups; always telling myself that I can use them for my food pictures. #INEEDThisBowl #AndProbablyAnotherCupboard

Moreover I like ice cream, elephants, cinnamon, Batman, pancakes, Stormtrooper, sarcasm, oats, music, books, climbing, yoga, summer rain, and the seaside.