Copenhagen – 6 Hidden Gems where the Locals hang.

Aaah, Copenhagen – the city of sleek design, flaky pastry, stylish people on bicycles and new Nordic cuisine. There is a lot to explore so don’t be fooled, this city is much more than the colourful houses of Nyhavn or a joyful afternoon at Tivoli amusement park. After all, the locals need to entertain themselves too and that usually happens away from the crammed alleyways of the old town and the mediocre tourist traps. So if you want to leave the trodden path and hang out where the locals do, this guide is just for you.

Breakfast at Flavour Bastards, Nørrebro, Copenhagen
French Toast and Avocado Waffles at Flavour Bastards. | © The Road beneath my Feet

Flavour Bastards

First rule of exploring a city: don’t start on an empty stomach! There are plenty of amazing breakfast places in Copenhagen and Flavour Bastards is definitely one of them. Their colourful dishes are not only a feast for the eye but also delectable and healthy. Their dishes are plant-based, however, you won’t miss at thing as they are way too yumm. If you cannot make it for breakfast, they also have bowls, burgers, pasta and various snacks on their menu. Bonus: the rustic tables provide a very instagrammable backdrop for your colourful food photos.

Coffee and croissant at Café Sonny, Copenhagen
Enjoying a sunny afternoon at Sonny. | © The Road beneath my Feet


Copenhagen is literally plastered with little cafés and third wave coffee shops and you can hardly go wrong with any of them. However, you should put Sonny in the town’s centre on the top of your list. Simple interior and giant flower arrangements make it a cool place to hang out; during the warmer months there are also some chairs outside. Have a slice of their delicious squash cake with a cup of coffee and try one of their refreshing homemade lemonades. They also have a breakfast and lunch menu.



A soon as the sun comes out in spring, you will see the Copenhageners flock on the grass on Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro, soaking up the sunshine and refilling their vitamin D storage after the long Danish winter. Grab a drink from Kihoshk’s vast selection of chilled beers and soft drinks, treat yourself to a pizza from Itzi Pitzi Pizza next door and join the crowd – if you are lucky enough to find a free spot.

Ice cream parlour Isoteket in Østerbro, Copenhagen
Østerbro makes your ice cream dreams come true. | © The Road beneath my Feet


Do you fancy ice cream? Then you probably read about THE ice cream parlour down on Amager and its infamous queue during summer months. But be assured, there are plenty of other good places you shouldn’t miss out on! Head to the neighbourhood of Østerbro for a satisfying ice cream fix – within close vicinity of each other you find Isoteket, Olufs Is, Østerberg and Gelati Martelli, which are all offering delicious homemade ice cream, therefore, it would be unfair to only recommend one of them. So go and try them all – but don’t blame us for your brain freeze.

Copenhagen Kulturtårnet
Kulturtårnet is located in a prime location. | © The Road beneath my Feet


If you are looking for a special place to have a sundowner, look no further. Kulturtårnet, one of the old copper tower on Knibbelsbro, has 360-degree views of Copenhagen’s harbour. Enjoy a glass of wine on its small outside terrace and watch the boats and floats on the canal below travelling by while the city’s lights come on. The tower also houses changing exhibitions, dinner nights, jazz concerts and even sleep overs so check the calendar before you go as space is limited.

Bastard Café, Copenhagen
Ready for some fun and games? | © The Road beneath my Feet


The perfect place for social evenings and rainy afternoons is located in one of the courtyards of Rådhusstræde – Bastard Café’s walls are hidden behind floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with board and card games, over 2000 of them in fact. Some are free to use, but you can also pay a small fee and choose from the entire selection ranging from classic to geeky games. If you are too overwhelmed, ask the game masters for a recommendation. When you sit on one of their comfy couches and sip away on your drink while having a good time with your friends, you may even have a revelation about what the Danish hygge actually means.

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