Copenhagen – My 5 favourites on Amager

Gosh, what did I get myself into! Pick five – only FIVE – places on Amager that I adore?!? A while ago, my friend Amelie from Amager Village asked me to do so and after postponing it for months, I am finally facing the inevitable. So here I go, nailing my neighbourhood down to my five favourite locations for food & drinks*, killing quite a few darlings on the way.


*yes, I am leaving myself a bit of leeway here for a sequel. (;

Alice - That Ice Cream Tho...

Who the f*ck is Alice?, you may ask. If you don’t know, then it’s about time you find out. Founded in summer 2017 as a small neighbourhood coffee shop and ice cream parlour, Alice has by now developed into a speciality shop where you can also enjoy a glass of wine, fine cheese, an Danish charcuterie. Rumour has it, that you can find Copenhagen’s best croissants here. In any case, all their homemade pastries are worth trying – and have I mentioned that they do A-mazing (with a capital ‚A‘) ice cream and sorbets too?

Salad and Coffee at Bingo 156, Amager, Copenhagen
The little neigbourhood café you need in your life. | © The Road beneath my Feet

BINGO 156 - Coffee and hospitality on point

Bingo 156 has stolen my heart. It is the kind of little coffee shop you need within 200 metres of your home. The owners are lovely and always up for a chat, the interior says Scandinavian simplicity – but in homely pastel colours and with a vintage touch -, the coffee is fantastic, the buns and pastries are baked with love, and the food has never let me down. You can tell that this is a project full of heart and soul.

IL BUCO - coffee, pastries, delicious food

Hidden in a courtyard on Islands Brygge, you can find Il Buco, a stylish and modern Italian eatery with focus on sustainable and seasonal produce. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as strong coffee and, you guessed it, homemade pastries. It may be a bit more on the pricier side but it is worth the money – every øre so to say. “Il Buco” means “the mouth” in Italian and this place will definitely tickle all the taste buds that fit in yours. If you only want to stop by for a snack, try their yummy sandwich, or grab a loaf of sourdough bread to take home.

Sandwiches and Coffee at Il Buco, Amager, Copenhagen
Just one of many tasty dishes. | © The Road beneath my Feet

PIZZA BRO - Wood-fired deliciousness

Why did I only find out about this food truck on my fourth year on Amager! One lazy lockdown afternoon lead me to Torben Klitbo’s (founder of Cofoco) trailer and sent my taste buds on an exciting journey full of “nomms” and “mmmhs“. The pizzaiolos prove that you don’t need much space to make provide a tasty feed. Their pizza is wood-fired using birch and beech wood, which adds a nice subtle flavour. Most importantly, the menu is a nice change from the usual toppings. My choice of pumpkin, ricotta, sage, and anchovies was the bomb and I cannot wait to go back for more.

WHAMMY - Welcome to the SIXTIES

Back when I moved to Amager, there were no craft beer or wine bars yet. Apart from a few typical Danish bodegas, there was – and is – only one place to go: Whammy! The small bar is like a trip back to the 60s: bright, warm colours, funky interior and a matching playlist. There is, of course, a jukebox with a selection of vinyls that you can choose from after purchasing some good ol’ D-Mark at the bar. Whammy’s decent range of beers, wines, and cocktails can easily keep you entertained for an evening; prices range from “unreasonably cheap to reasonably expensive”.

Margaritas at Whammy, Amager
You should give the margaritas a go. | © Alem Sanchez, Pexels

If you would like to learn more about Amelie’s project Amager Village, check out her website, Instagram, or Facebook – especially if you are an Amar’kaner as well as we hold regular meet-ups.

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