Copenhagen – Halla Halla Pita & Bowls

One of the latest additions to Christianshavn’s food scene offers stuffed flatbreads and refreshing bowls that you can build yourself. You can choose between falafel, halloumi, chicken, and beef as well as two spreads and three dressings. Sounds complicated? The friendly staff will be happy to help.

Halla Halla in Christianshavn, Copenhagen
Halla Halla is tucked away in a side street. | © The Road beneath my feet


„I went to this new falafel place,“ my flatmate said. Wait, what – new falafel place?!? How could this have gone unnoticed despite my watchful eyes – which, these days, are even more glued to Instagram and what is going on in Copenhagen’s food scene. You know, thanks to this pandemic thing that we have currently going on.

Alright, I am getting side-tracked. There is a new falafel place in town! Christianstown… eh… havn to be precise. I went to check it out as soon as I got the chance, hence, I was there with bells on at 11:30 AM (11:25, actually, better be safe than sorry).

Pita Bread with Falafel at Halla Halla
Go big or go home! Halla Halla's Falafel Pita. | © The Road beneath my feet


Christos, one of the owners, told Havnefronten in an interview that they are not a new shawarma bar. Instead, they are a modern eatery with Arabic-inspired food made of Danish produce. My falafel pita certainly had a modern touch to it thanks to the mix of herb and tahini & tumeric dressing that I chose (meaning, I couldn’t choose and chose both).

„Kan du klar det?“ Ahmed, the other owner, enquired when he handed me a deliciously looking pita bread. For a split second I wasn’t sure if he asked me if I needed it wrapped in foil – or if I was actually able to eat the humongous thing. Which would have been a legitimate question.


As a matter of fact, I ran into some issues as of how to take the first bites. I managed, somehow (#skillzzzz), and was rewarded with crunchy falafel that had a soft inner core, accompanied by hummus, fresh veggies, pomegranate seeds, feta, lettuce, roasted sunflower seeds, and the dressings of course. 

Verdict: The falafel were tasty, the portion was generous. I like the idea of a modern touch and of added freshness but I wasn’t totally convinced by the dressings. Also, the way the pita was stacked, the first 2/3 were enjoyable while the last thirds was mostly soggy pita and some lettuce. Would I go again though? Yes, to try another combo.


Halla Halla, Dronningsgade 42, 1420 Copenhagen
Choose between a pita bread or bowl with falafel, halloumi, chicken, or beef.

Halla Halla Pita & Bowls in Christanshavn, Copenhagen
Build your own pita or bowl. | © The Road beneath my Feet

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